A front door constructed out of primary colour papers.

Creative Roles

DESIGN TYPE: Creative Imaging, Illustration


A project I was really excited to work on was Creative Roles, in which we would pair up and one person would act as the Art Director and the other the Artist. We chose a satirical article to illustrate for and then went back and forth with our partner to create a design that went with the article. The article I chose had a focus on toddlers, so I wanted to make the corresponding illustration seem child-like in its design and creation.

In order to do this I gathered a collection of paper in the primary colours and began to cut shapes into them, laying the bright colours on a plain sheet until I created a front door to a home. The final touches came in Photoshop, since I didn't want to draw on top of the illustration itself, adding a few small details with a loose hand and a simple arrow pointing out the door, as the title to the article references.

Read the article here: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/hello-ill-be-your-toddler-tour-guide-for-this-trip-out-the-front-door