Dana's List
AMAZON WISH LIST click here 
CandyAny type of candy, as long as its sugar. As much or as little as you'd prefer, thank you  
Gift CardsDeSerres, Micheals, Chapters, Tim Hortons, Hottopic, Amazon, etc.  
Nintendo eShop cards   
One Piece patch click here13
Piplup Embroidered Patch click here5.58
Piplup sticker packcan you tell I have a favourite pokemon?click here7.16
Pokeball click here14
Pokemon Cardsyou can find listings like these on all kinds of websites!click here25
Pokemon CardsAnything from the tins to the small card packs  
Rock Pikachu (legit)I'd prefer option 12 or 32click here10
Sword keychainWado Ichimonjiclick here24
Stuffed animals
POKEMON - Cacturnefrom their "Sitting Cuties" lineclick here11 USD
POKEMON - Piplup{ ! currently out of stock ;-; ! } from their "Sitting Cuties" lineclick here11 USD
POKEMON - Piplupfrom their Comfy Friends lineclick here36 USD
POKEMON - Piplup XLthis is such a reach but, i cannot help but want her. she's massive, coming in at 31" tallclick here350 USD
POKEMON - Rampardosfrom their Sitting Cuties lineclick here11 USD
POKEMON - Starlyfrom their "Sitting Cuties" lineclick here11 USD
Straw HatBeige & adult size please!click here26