All 3 Acadian Acres products, mocked up

Acadian Acres

DESIGN TYPE: Branding, Packaging, Photography


Acadian Acres Organic is family-owned and operated business that provides the highest quality organic products around. For over 60 years, the family has been taking care of their land and now they've chosen to release a line of organic garlic products, as that is their best-seller and they want other families to experience the farm-to-table garlic they love. To showcase how fresh their garlic is, I didn't want to hide the garlic behind anything at all, instead I looked for a way to keep it protected while still displaying it. Atop the ~15cm mesh bag is a label that displays the brand, product, UPC, domicile, and quantity. Acadian Acres Organic wanted to use fresh green colours to emphasize their farm-to-table ideology, and they wanted to change up their logo to look more natural. Using a script font I shortened their company name to Acadian Acres upon their approval, and added some leaves that looked to sprout off their logo, further pushing their freshness.

This project was one that I was really excited to work on. I wanted to make sure that I chose something simple enough to do in a short amount of time with a physical mockup, while still chosing something I hadn't done before. For all my other projects i've done some kind of box or jar for a mockup. I ended up choosing garlic, but for about a week I was saving any and all fruit or vegtable packaging so that I could figure out which one would be best.